Real Life

Comparison is the thief of joy. Comparison has become so common in our society today. We compare ourselves without even realizing it. We look at what other people have. What other people are doing and we begin to question ourselves. Questions like, are our clothes good enough, do I look “perfect” enough when I look in the mirror, is this photo good enough to post, am I not good enough be in a relationship because everyone I see is, is the school I’m at good enough, is my relationship with God better than hers….. and this is all wrong. This is NOT the way God intended us to live. Comparison so often turns into competition, a constant want to be better than another person. The day you stop comparing yourself to others is the day you’ll truly find joy and peace in knowing that God created you the way you are for a reason. It’s easy to see the girl posting that she’s doing her devotional everyday and comparing yourself and thinking oh my goodness I haven’t read my Bible in a month. It’s easy to see everyone in a relationship on social media and to start comparing and questioning yourself as to why you’re not. It’s easy to see these “perfect” pictures and automatically compare yourself or to wish you looked like them. The point is God doesn’t care if you post your devotional everyday. He doesn’t care what you look like or what you have. When people post the “perfect” picture, it’s usually a small glimpse of reality. God didn’t create us to compare one another. We don’t sit here and compare Him. He’s there for us in our highest moments, our lowest moments, and everything in between.

Today I wanted to share some real photos. Photos of what I usually look like everyday going to class. This semester I took a photo with a thumbs up everyday. Not really for fun, but to document my high days, my low days, and everyday in between. Photos that aren’t staged. Yes I love fashion and getting ready and taking photos, but I think so often I post these pictures that are staged and not realistic. You don’t see that I got ready took photos and then went home and put on my pajamas. Focus more on the blessings Gods given you and not what others have.


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